Leadership Development Done Right

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Personal and professional growth are hallmarks of the South Texas Promotions work culture. We know that a strong personal life filled with goals and passion leads to a fulfilling career. Sandra Quintero, our firm’s CEO, explained that we focus on the key skills people need to become effective leaders in our rapidly evolving industry. Here are a few essential behaviors we help all our team members refine from their first days on the job:

  • Decision Making: We focus on producing potential leaders who can put aside distractions and make good decisions. By focusing on productive action at all times and listening to their colleagues, our team members learn how to reach the best conclusions without wasting any time.
  • Sharing Clear Expectations: Great leaders are strong communicators, especially when it comes to giving their followers clear visions of success to pursue. With the end result in mind, people can measure their progress and stay on the right track no matter what obstacles might emerge.
  • Asking Questions: Constant improvement is a hallmark of our South Texas Promotions culture. It’s also something the best leaders strive for no matter how high they ascend in their careers. As they refine their skills, we remind our would-be managers that seeking input from others is always a productive strategy.

These aspects of effective leadership are prime points of emphasis in our training programs. Follow South Texas Promotions on Twitter to learn more about how we train future leaders.