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At South Texas Promotions, your growth is essential to us. One of our primary goals revolves around our people and supporting them to learn, improve, and evolve both professionally and personally. Currently, we are hiring for entry-level management.

Here are the phases you will evolve through:

Entry-Level Sales & Marketing Associate

If you are looking to transition your career and start something new, then this is the right opportunity for you to learn and grow in your career. This position is for anyone, from any walk of life. As an entry-level sales & marketing associate, your job role is about growth and developing your communication and sales skills as you learn the ins and outs of our business.

Team Management

As a Team Manager, you will have to oversee events and clients. Your focus will be on building relationships with clients and team members and starting to develop your identity as a leader. As a team manager, you will ensure that all members understand the team’s objectives and work together to achieve it.

Assistant Management

As an Assistant Manager, you will be a part of hiring, training, and developing new employees. You will have to be present in the office most of the time. Additionally, you’ll make sure that all the staff is well-informed of the client service rules. The Assistant Manager will have to develop and coach teams and learn how to run a territory.

Territory Management

As a Territory Manager, you’ll be in charge of an entire market and will be running your own office. Your other responsibilities will include setting and meeting sales targets to increase revenue and finding ways to ensure the efficiency of sales operations.

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